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“Stay with me tonight.”

Jesse leaned back against the car’s passenger side door and held both of her soft hands in his broad palms while she looked at him with her golden brown eyes.  Could any other woman ever be so breathtakingly beautiful to him?  Who else held such power to have his heart hanging so far out on his sleeve like this?  He was Eve’s for the taking, all she had to do was say the word and his racing tires would tear up concrete and asphalt for a chance to lay between her luscious mocha thighs.

After Jesse presented his request to her, he never once dropped the intensity of his fiery gaze.  He wanted Eve to realize the sincerity of his petition.   He watched as Eve’s expression morphed from startled to curious and finally became a bit lusty.

“Jesse…are you sure this is what you want?”

Her sensually soft voice roused a low growl beneath the center of his hard and tensed abs.  Her words flowed out in a timid manner but he could sense that there was a spark of naughtiness lurking just behind her dark and curled eyelashes.

“Eve, this is exactly what I want and what I’ve been hungry for.  All you have to do is say yes to me…say yes to us, Evie, and I’ll take care of all the rest.  I promise you.”

Her pretty eyes blinked away and then returned with a coy glare.  There was something new in place of her waning shyness.  Eve’s carnal stare mirrored the craving that he, too, had been holding inside, carefully trying to control.  The urge to pull Eve over to him was clawing at the nerves in Jesse’s fingers.  He wanted to have her tucked beneath him, squirming with inflamed desire.  Every dip and curve of Eve’s slim yet voluptuous frame, every piece of her intelligent mind, was driving Jesse mad with a voracious yearning to claim her body and everything else about her as his own.    Frenzied – hypnotic – craving.   The only words half worthy of describing a fraction of what Jesse was feeling at this moment.

“Yes,” she finally replied in a husky voice after an extended pause.  Then she followed up with a challenge of her own that sent a sharp pulse up through the tip of Jesse’s cock. “As long as you promise not to stop until I’m dripping wet.”

Her directness floored him.  Jesse’s self control was starting to unwrap.  Eve had spoken to him in a tingling tone he had never heard her breath out before.  It took every ounce of restraint to keep his chin from dropping to his chest and to hold himself from swooping Eve into his leather back seats for a lusty and sweaty afternoon session.  Suddenly, there was a torturous amount of seconds between now and when she would have those shapely and alluring mocha legs wrapping around him.

Jesse stood up to his full height, which dwarfed her modest five foot six stature and stepped up close to Eve.  He looked down at her delicate face and knew he was in love.  He used the back of his hand to touch her smooth toasted almond cheek and then let his fingers glide along the width of her tiny chin.

Jesse leaned so that his mouth fell on Eve’s ear.  He felt the flutter of her lashes at the curve of his jaw and another frantic burst of fire spread through his heated groin.  He grabbed her curved hips and yanked Eve flat against his torso. He positioned her so that Eve’s lower belly touched the spot where his throbbing shaft stood at hardened attention.

“Evie, I won’t stop until you I hear you squeal and I won’t be satisfied until I make you mine.”

Jesse heard her suck in a sharp breath.  He pulled back to see Eve’s rich brown eyes staring up at him.  The centers of her irises stirred with all of the passionate possibilities that lay before them.

He was helpless to resist.  One more sizzling kiss.  Deeper this time.  Longer and with a thirsty craze.  After which, he opened the crimson colored door, tucked Eve safely inside and speeded them up the highway and into the hot twilight air.


 “Evie.” Jesse’s breathed her name while he cupped her face in his wide palms and a chill of anticipation cut down through Eve’s core.

Twenty minutes later and now they faced one another.  They were completely alone for the very first time and hidden behind the secluded walls of the Pine Barrens Deluxe Cabins & Suites, a camping site within the limits of the secluded and expansive woods of the same name.

Today was the first time he had spoken her name with such heated richness.  In less time than it took for her heart to miss exactly one beat, all of Eve’s dormant and erotic senses had gathered into a mind numbing crescendo.  Another splash of moisture, thicker and more sensual than the one she had experienced earlier, burst to life between her thighs.

“I have something for you.”

Jesse stepped away leaving only a fraction of space between them but it was more than enough for Eve to immediately miss the feel of his mighty arms wrapped around her.  He dug into the back pocket of his uniform pants and pulled out his black leather wallet.  Jesse unfolded the worn material and then those beguiling gray irises quickly glanced at her, as if to ensure that she was watching him closely, which she was.  She dared not move her eyes in any direction other than focusing them on the handsome man who had ushered her away as if he were a prince from a wishful fantasy.  The expression of endearment on Jesse’s face was priceless as his long fingers reached into the center fold of the wallet and slowly pulled up a slim gold linked chain.  Once the entire necklace was revealed, Eve spotted the gold heart that swung at its bottom like a miniature pendulum.

“I’ve wanted to give this to you for awhile,” Jesse’s low bass spoke hesitantly, nervously, “I just never seemed to be able to find the right moment.”

Eve’s heart rate hit a record breaking stammer inside her chest.

“Jesse,” was all she could manage to whisper between shallow breaths as he unhooked the clasp and walked around behind her.

The next sensation was of cool metal sliding around her neck and falling down in the valley between her two breasts.  Jesse returned to stand in front of her again then reached forward to palm the small heart shaped trinket in his left hand.  The corners of his rose pink mouth lifted into a teasing smile.  His devilish grin started an inferno within Eve’s secret places.

“It’s a locket.” His eyes watched her like a man in love as he pulled the heart open for her to see inside.

Eve covered her mouth and gasped when her glistening eyes ran over the contents.  On one side of the heart was a miniaturized black and white photo that she and Jesse had taken months ago at one of those automatic picture booths in the mall.  On the opposite side of the golden interior, the words engraved there brought forth a flurry of sentimental tears from her eyes.  Jesse and Eve, Always.

Jesse placed the back of his broad hand over her searing cheek, freshly moistened by the wetness that was streaming down from her eyes.  He used his other hand to tip her face upward toward his enchanted silvery gaze.

“I love you, Evie.  I have since the day we met.  I just wish I could have told you this a lot sooner.”

Moved by his confession, Eve placed her wet face against the red cotton material covering his big chest.

“It doesn’t matter.  Now is better than never.”  To speak her next words, Eve had to close her eyes and gather a small patch of the fabric into her fingertips.  Her fantasy had finally become a wonderful reality and she wanted to absorb every second of this event.  “I love you, too, Jesse, more and more every day.”

Eve listened to the heavy sound of Jesse’s heartbeat echoing with a strong reverb in her ear.  His heart was beating for her and that was all that mattered, the rest of the world could have floated away and Eve may not have even cared to notice.

“After tonight, I don’t want you to ever leave me.”

The heated flowing from his nostrils and over her face escalated her internal fever.    She looked up into his smoky gray irises.  They were swirling with delight from beneath the wet wheat blond hair that was pasted to his hot brow. Eve shook when she realized all of that fiery zeal was intended for her.

She dropped her eyes to the floor.

The silence must have spanned for far too long.  Jesse slanted his face so that he spoke with his lips grazing along Eve’s smooth brow.  He traced a line down the curve of her face until his fingertip stopped at the underside of her chin, which he lifted up toward his steamy gaze.  His handsome face was intense and full of sincerity.

“Evie, what is it?”

“Why now?”

They had known one another for over a year and never once did she ever truly think they would be standing in the middle of this pivotal moment.  If Jesse had wanted her in this intimate way from day one, why had he never mentioned this before? Why was today so special?

She took a chance and glanced up at him and his gray eyes relentlessly bored into her.  There was no mistaking his emotions.  His irises had evolved to mirror the color of a mass of energetic storm clouds.  The urge to reach out and hook her arms around his neck and to capture his mouth into a deep tongue lock again was starting to build up within Eve’s hazy mind.  A trickle of silken juices ran along the folds of her kitten but she held back from following through on her impulse.  She needed to hear the answer to this question.

“You mean, why didn’t I ever kiss you before?”

“Yes,” her eyes floated over the chiseled features of his face.

“Honestly, Eve, there never seemed to be a right time or a perfect moment to tell you what I was feeling.”  He shook his head slightly.  “More than that, I guess I thought you were too good for me.  Whenever I look at you, all I see is such sweetness and purity.”  Jesse paused and then moved forward to reclaim Eve in his heavy arms.  “I never thought that you would ever return my affection.  But all that has changed.  I’m not afraid to say these words today because I realized that today might be all we have.  I want you, Eve.  Your mind, your body, your heart…all of it…for myself.  I always have and I think you already knew that.”.”

A flush swam across Eve’s toasted cheeks.

“I guess I did,” her voice was barely above a whisper, “but I also assumed I was imagining this connection I felt with you. I thought that maybe someone more athletic…more sensual…might be a better fit.  ”

“Evie,” he whispered to her in a soothing timbre that stroked her senses, “I don’t want any other woman.  I want you.  I want you here with me…like this.  You are the only one who is constantly on my mind every waking minute. I kissed you for the first time because I couldn’t fight off the need to feel your lips on mine anymore.”

“Do you mean it, Jesse?”

Her hands slid up the front of his baseball shirt.  A twisted fantasy of making love to him while he was fully dressed and she was absent of every stitch of her own clothing flashed across her forethoughts.

“I do, sweetheart.” He pulled her hands back into palms then lifted them to his lips.  “I want to have you all for myself but I don’t want to rush you into anything you’re not ready for.  I can wait however long it takes for you to be okay with this.”

She watched as he studied her closely for another moment, then he moved away and walked toward the rear of the deluxe private cabin.  Her eyes followed his every step away from her.   Jesse entered the white tiled bathroom and closed the door behind him while Eve remained agonizingly silent.  She had come with him all this way but did she have the courage to actually go through with this life changing affair?

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