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He wanted Eve for himself but he would never force her into an encounter that she wasn’t ready for.  Jesse could see the fear hiding behind her eyes.  For as long as he needed to, he would patiently wait to seal their love and bring Eve to an explosive climax that would bond her to him forever.  For now, she needed space and he was in need of a cold shower to hold him over and calm the raging inferno within him.

Jesse closed the bathroom door and reached behind the sheer shower curtain to turn the knobs from chilly to a lukewarm spray.  He pulled the baseball shirt and the sticky undershirt over his head and tossed them to the floor.   Next, he tugged off his dusty pants and everything else he was wearing below the waist and kicked it all to the side.  Afterward, he stepped over to the sink and wiped away the light coating of steam that had formed on the mirror and stared at his sullen reflection in the mirror.

Eve was his special lady and the only woman that he craved.  No other female had ever succeeded in tying up all his confidence into tight knots.  She deserved far more from him than a hasty declaration of his love and simple golden trinket. If he were half the man he pretended to be, Jesse would have told Eve about his feelings months ago.  If so, perhaps this moment wouldn’t have such a heart wrenching ending.

If such a notion as love at first sight existed, then it had undeniably happened for Jesse Bower from the instant he saw Eve Thompson’s lovely face floating through the throngs of students.  Eve’s exotic features and toffee tinted skin had enraptured him in only a handful of seconds.  Her perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, wit, and compassion made her the only woman locked in Jesse’s sights since that one magical moment in time.  How could he have expected her to fall so hard for him in return time?

The creak of the door behind him brought his racing doubts to a sudden stop.  Jesse’s eyes moved up in the mirrored reflection so he could follow the source of the noise.  Eve stepped two shapely legs through the entrance and then shut it again.  Jesse’s hands clutched the sides of the sink.  A throbbing and electrical pulse dashed down the length of his spine.  Eve was like a homing beacon to his manly awareness and every nerve under his skin prickled with the need to reach out and reunite her with his body.  Jesse wanted to turn around and gather her close, to feel her skin beneath his fingertips and to taste her lips against his mouth; instead, he squeezed his eyes closed and held his position.  He would make good on his promise not to force himself on her.

When his eyes slid open again, Jesse watched Eve slowly advance forward.  Two slim brown arms wound around his back and torso and the layers of muscle there twitched at her touch.  He watched her face in the mirror.  There was sweet seduction in her eyes and his cock instantly recognized it.  He was rock hard in seconds.  The tip of her fingers walked slowly up the lines of his etched abs and then she spread her palms out on both of his sculpted U-shaped pecs.  Another spark of flaming electricity jolted him upright.  Jesse stood and turned toward her.  He was completely exposed to her roaming eyes, full of timid lust.  There was no way to hide the excitement pointing directly at her but the next move would still have to be hers.

Eve stepped closer and looked up at him.  She was so exquisitely beautiful that his chest tightened from all of the emotions building up there while he studied every lovely detail of her face.  This dazzling shade of gold couldn’t exist anywhere else except within Evie’s eyes.  Jesse was instantly bewitched.  His fingers ticked and then reacted automatically to her close presence.  He laced the digits of one of his hands into her twined hair so that he could cup the back of her neck.  His other palm – slowly, carefully, gently – slid down the soft curve of her flushed cheek.  Eve turned her moist lips to the center of his palm and laid a kiss there, teasing the spot with a wiggle from her wet tongue.  Jesse drew in a sharp breath as his pulse raced and his level of stimulation swelled.  The veins along his long thick shaft expanded wider with every new drop of heat that flowed through them.

A sobering thought shot through his mind.  Was this what Eve really wanted or was she only doing this out of guilt because he had already confessed so much to her so quickly?

“Eve, you don’t have to do this.”

Jesse angled his body to reach for his clothing and a small hand touched the back of his wrist lightly.

“Don’t,” Eve whispered in a hushed voice.  She laid her fingers flat against his lips and cut the rest of his words from spilling out.  “Jesse, I want this to happen…with you.  You’re the one.”

She finished her sentence and then pressed her slim figure against his naked form.  Eve lifted herself up on her toes and pulled Jesse into a sensual kiss, pressing her tongue cavernously deep into his mouth.  The playfulness of her tongue wrapping itself around his had Jesse’s eyes rolling under his lids.  His hardened cock pushed into the part of her halter top that covered her belly button, desperately seeking out relief from the pressure that was building up under his rigid skin.

They were reaching the point of no return and he needed for her to be absolutely sure she wanted to be his.  Once they crossed this line, and he claimed her every piece of her, there would be no holding back his flaming urges.  Once he unleashed the beast that was clawing at him to fill her up and lift Eve to new heights of bliss, there would be no way of reigning that part of himself back under control until its hunger was completely satiated.  He needed for her to speak the vow out loud.

Jesse broke the fevered kiss and pulled back.  They were both panting and neither dared to release the tight grasp that holding onto the other.

He pressed his glistening brow against Eve’s.  He moved his hand from her cheek and dragged it over the full round curve of her left breast.  His line of fingers traced the inward arc of her petite waist, planted his palm at the small of her back, then heaved her flat against his slick chest and stomach.  He closed his eyes to capture a calming breath before reopening them to meet her smoldering brown gaze.  If he didn’t have her soon, he would have a meltdown from the scorching pressure gathering at his core.

“Eve,” his heavy voice breathed out his a husky whisper, “I won’t do this unless you tell me that I have you.  I want you to tell me if you’ll be mine…tonight…tomorrow…and every day after that.”

If she said no, Jesse would be heartbroken.  Eve was his truest love and he could never care for another woman with this much intensity and devotion.  If Eve said yes, he would adore her forever, with every inch of his body and every piece of his soul.

“Yes, Jesse…everyday, always,” she purred as she reached up and dragged her little fingers through the lengths of his honey blond hair and over the tingling skin of his scalp.

Her oath was spoken and Eve was his.  The flood gates open and Jesse could hold back his wanton hunger for her no longer.

Jesse backed her into the hard surface of the door. He bent down so he could kiss Eve to the point of snatching her very breath from her lungs.  He wanted her to share in all of the love and lust he had been patiently holding back for too damn long.

His tongue stroked the inside of her mouth and lapped at her sugary and rich taste.  His hands slid up the front of her white sleeveless top and stopped to mold and caress her ample and round breasts within his feverish palms.  Jesse alternated between using his palms to knead the luscious globes in vigorous semi-circles and rolling the points of Eve’s erect nipples hidden behind the cotton material with the hard tips of his fingers.

In a flash he dropped down, wrapped his strong arms under her bare thighs, and hoisted Eve high up in the air.  His lips laid down succulent and wet kisses as they traveled the course from her plumped mouth, down her tiny chin and caressed the front of her graceful neckline.  When he came to the apex that lay between her succulent brown cleavage, Jesse used the back of his wide tongue to wind a sizzling trail through the valley there and along the sides of each of Eve’s perspiring breasts.

Not willing to tear his mouth from the object of his desire, Jesse reached one hand behind her neck and yanked at the bow that held Eve’s top in place.  The tie came loose, the front of the top fell forward, and Eve’s fleshy breasts spilled out and covered his hungry mouth.  Her blackberry nipples instantly puckered when Jesse sucked one into his mouth.  With her legs gripping his midsection, Jesse used both of his hands to gather her luscious globes together at the center of his grip so that he could lap at both of her sharp nipples at once.  Eve jerked her body forward and further into his open arms with each nip he took at her pebbled buds.  While his greedy mouth continued to feed on Eve’s tender tits one at a time, he used stealth and ease to cover her round bottom cheeks with his two big hands.

Eve’s stomach caved in at the invigorating feel of Jesse’s teeth nipping and suckling at the delicate and erogenous skin of her pointed nipples.  She snatched in erratic and noisy breaths with each tug his teeth made on her aroused marbled tips.  Her fingers dug down deep into his blond hair.  She sensed the game and willingly played along.  The more her fingers bored into his slick hair, the tighter and harder he squeezed her ass in his strong palms.

Eve tossed her head back and rolled it against the door while her legs climbed further and further up the hard muscles in Jesses back.  Her bare stomach was mashed against his sculpted abs as she pushed the dripping center hiding behind her shorts against his engorged and massive cock.  There was not even a micrometer of space that separated their two feverish bodies. There was no limit to how much her mind was crying out to have Jesse’s length crammed into every inch of her drenched walls.  A fountain of sticky dew spurred Eve into action.  She desperately pushed down on Jesse’s wide rod, wanting the brick hard dick to somehow tear through the thin material of her panties and plant itself up her saturated channel.  The tip of his straight nose traced her hot skin while his fat wet tongue ran dizzying circles around her perky nipples causing Eve’s eyes to slip closed.  Her clit started to tingle.  A gathering pressure was forcing the little button into a frantic rhythm that was outracing Eve’s pulse.

Ooo…mm…Jesse,” she moaned.

His name slipped from her lips and his cock forced itself against the thin cotton barrier.  It was all that separated them from joining as one.  Her slick pussy lips were trying to push through the seat of the panties and wrap themselves snuggly around his thick mushroom head.   Over and over again, Jesse thrust upward and just when Eve was nearing a full explosion, Jesse set her back on her feet.  His gray eyes were completely focused on her and she shivered at the sight of their dazzling sparkle staring down at her.  The overabundance of desire welling up in Eve was nearly too much to bear all at once.  From the top of her head down to the tips of her toes, every carnal instinct wanted to seek out a perfect union with Jesse.  Every secluded part of her mind was dawning into a new awaking.  Jesse had to be her soul mate.  He had to be one whom she had been destined to have this engulfing experience with.  Only he could ignite this inferno blazing within her.

In two smooth and synchronized moves, he raised Eve’s arms and pulled the untied halter up and over her arms and laid it on the tiled floor.  He kneeled down before her and stationed a wide palm on each of her hips then kissed the center of her flat stomach.   On contact, the area he touched spasmed.  Eve’s will was floating away.  She wanted him to take control of her, teach her how to completely give in to this moment, how to grant him full access to whatever he wanted, whatever he desired from her.  She wanted to belong to Jesse, to be his forever.  She just didn’t know how to do away with the last stitch of uncertainty that was holding her inner cravings at bay.

As he unbuttoned Eve’s jean shorts, Jesse kissed her stomach once more.  When that task was done, he folded his fingers over the waist bands of both the shorts and of the bikini panties that she wore beneath.  With his mouth continuing to slowly meander the distance down the middle of her belly, Jesse pulled the clothing over her hips, toward her toned thighs and then allowed everything to fall to the floor around Eve’s bare feet.

From her position, with Jesse kneeling in front of her, Eve traced her hands through the medium lengths of his silky hair.  She loved the lustrously sleek feel of the honey tinted strands as they slipped between her light brown fingers.

His face was a mere breath away from her trimmed kitten.  The hot breath from Jesse’s nostrils spilling through her lower lips and heated up the smoldering fire that was kindling there.

Gray irises, so captivating and alluring, burning with passion glanced up at her.  Eve’s heart fluttered again and her balance wavered until Jesse’s firm grip returned to the curve of her round hips and steadied her swaying movement.

“Can I?”  His was hypnotic bass lulled Eve’s senses under his enchanting spell. Jesse’s eyes moved back down to Eve’s pussy and then back up to her.  They were pleading for an answer.  His stare was greedy and famished. “Let me taste you, Evie.”

Did he even have to ask?  Whatever the question, Eve would only ever be able to concede to his requests.

She nodded slowly, unable to speak the words.  Her chest tightened. Eve had never allowed any man to have her held captive in such an intimate position before.  No man had ever loved her in that way.

Jesse pushed his face forward.  The tip of his nose was the first to make contact with her dripping dark kitty.  Eve’s body lifted upward when he stroked her clit with the edge of that angular nose, then he pulled back.

“Say it,” Jesse breathed out.

His demand was low and intense. He leaned in and pressed her hot button again. Stormy eyes looked up at her once more.

“Tell me, Evie,” he said before covering her erect pearl with the tip of his tongue.

A long moan shot out of her lips.  Her hands clutched at his hair, stretching the threads in her sweaty palms.

He stopped his oral teasing and his palms caressed the back of her moistened thighs.  She timidly tugged at his hair, trying to urge Jesse’s face closer.  She wanted to make him reclaim his rightful ownership of her tingling clit but he held his position.  So close…the warm air that flowed from his nasal passage massaged flaming circles around the top of her pussy.  So far away…Eve parted her legs wider and shyly pushed her pussy forward but couldn’t quite gather the nerve to shove it against his lips like she wanted to.

To add to the sensual taunting, Jesse’s tongue darted out and lapped at her again.  Eve whimpered and tried to make him take a deeper, longer taste but he retreated as before.

“Evie, tell me you love me again.”

Long drags of sizzling air reached out from within Jesse’s mouth and stirred up the flooding pool within Eve’s folds.

“I do, Jesse.”

If she didn’t then why would she be here right now, locked in his arms and about to allow him to have such sacred access to her body.

Jesse watched her closely. His eyes were steady and focused; she saw the shimmering gray tracing out the words as they formed on her lips. If she were speaking falsely, he would surely know.  His heavy fingers dug into her hips while he waited for her to finish.  All at once she knew that only those three words would ever be enough to satisfy him.  Not a knob or a brief confirmation.  He wanted to hear her say the full vow.

Eve hesitated again.  This moment was all or none.  Either she was his and wanted to completely belong to Jesse or she should stop this act before either of them trespassed any further along the slippery slope from mere friends to eternal lovers.

“I love you, Jesse,” she said and ran her fingers down the length of his scalp, from his forehead to the base of his neck, gently caressing every tendril of hair that slipped through her fingers.

Once the words were spoken, there was nothing to hinder the full onslaught of his passion for Eve.  Jesse turned his head to the side and placed a hot kiss at the top of each of her lean thighs, followed by two more closer to the center.  He continued to rain down the sizzling sets until his lips finally returned to her trimmed triangle.  Jesse used the pads of his wide thumbs to spread her slippery pussy lips apart and was instantly dazzled by her throbbing pink pearl.  The coating of juice covering her sweet jewel caused his bottom lip to quiver slightly.  His mouth was at the point of drooling for another satisfying drink from her delight.  Without hesitating, Jesse pressed his thirsty lips over her pulsing clit and suckled it hard.  He went along with the force of Eve’s hands pulling his entire face into the midst of her gushing folds.  He loved how she held him there and made him drink deeply from her silky dew drops.  Turning his face slightly to the side, Jesse used his tongue to take one long swipe at the little bud before he shoved its full length up through her leaking lips and dove into the dark center of her clenched pussy.

Eve’s back arched forward and she cried out.  Her sounds intensified his maddening hunger.  His tongue went back to making short and quick licks at the pulsing button causing it to plump and swell with every noisy nibble he stole.  Once she was fully engorged, he placed his mouth directly over her clit and closed his lips around his delicious prize.  Slowly and delicately he coaxed the erect nub further into his lips until her dripping pussy covered all sides of his mouth and chin.  While Jesse repeatedly wiggled his feisty tongue around Eve’s jumping clit, trying to satisfy his need to savor her tangy flavor, her juices gushed out and dribbled down his throat.  When the urge to claim more of her sweetness overtook him, he opened his pussy lips wider and forced his face further up her dripping cunt until he the tip of his probing tongue found the center of her opening again.  With ferocious quickness, he shoved the full length of his tongue up her creamy center.

His engorged cock went mad with desire while she panted uncontrollably and tugged hard at his blond hair.  Jesse’s cock was swollen to near bursting.  He grabbed his dick to hold back the telltale sensation that he was right at the cusp of cumming all over himself.  He didn’t want to waste not one drop of his seed before he had a chance to bond with his beloved Eve.  Finally, he had to pull away or else risk having a premature release.

“Hold on to me,” he said and stood up tall.

Jesse lifted Eve up from the floor.  He enfolded her within his bulky arms while she positioned her legs and arms firmly around his waist and shoulders.  Within a few steps, he carried her the short distance to the running shower.  Jesse stepped over the side of the built in porcelain tub.  The strumming spray hit his leg first, followed by cascading down his hips and shoulders and, lastly, the drizzle reached the back of his hair.  The hot water flowed from the overhead showerhead and down to the base of his neck and over his wide back.  The pounding water droplets were a welcome and soothing relief for his tired and aching muscles after a long day of pitching out in the hot and blistering sun.

Jesse kept a tight grip on Eve, making sure that she was securely attached to him.  Once he had balanced them both inside of the rectangular confines of the shower, he placed Eve’s back against the wall furthest from the showerhead.  His palms and fingers slipped over the perfectly round bulbs of her wet ass, causing his cock to swell to its limits.  Jesse was aching for release and Eve’s silky walls were the only way for him to reach the hot climax that was gathering at the throbbing tip of his long rod.

The spray of the water from the shower that managed to fly past Jesse’s broad shoulders and reach Eve cascaded through her braided hair and then made a winding trail that dripped off of the tips of her pointed black cherry nipples.  He had never seen a woman appear both innocent and desirable in one singular vision as his Eve did right now.  The beads of glistening water droplets crowding together in the chasm between her swollen breasts compelled him to lean forward and reclaim one of her plump nipples into his mouth. Jesse sucked at Eve’s luscious and full breast with the need to satisfy a ravenous hunger he had never known before today.  He could feel her rolling the top of her brow against the crown of his head.  Her reaction to his eager suckling was a quiver that passed from the center of her body and into his.

The pressure pushing from within the length of his dick caused it to stand straight up and flat against Eve’s belly.  Jesse had reached the summit of arousal and his cock was demanding that he finally join together with Eve.  It was fully fattened and ready to burst at any second.  The slightest wiggle or tremor from Eve and he just might lose the last sliver of control that was keeping him from blowing his hot load several times over.  His hardness pushed into her concave belly button, impulsively seeking out a reservoir for his seed to settle into.

One big hand, firmly attached to Eve’s ass, pushed her up another inch while Jesse used his other one to move his stiff white cock downward and tuck it between her parted legs.  He fisted the bulging round head of his aching dick and placed it at the tight entrance to Eve’s pussy.  His hips moved forward to slip himself inside of the searing comfort of her pussy lips but Jesse instantly froze when he felt Eve’s entire body tremble uncontrollably in his arms.  His cock was still pointed at her opening but he hadn’t entered her yet.  He wanted to be inside of her so much, to feel her coated walls squeezing down on him but something didn’t seem right.

Jesse allowed her nipple to drop gently from between his teeth.  He turned his face up toward Eve.  There was fear in her eyes again, but why?  Had he done something to hurt her?

“Evie, what’s wrong?”  Jesse questioned her in a low and soothing tone. His voice was filled with genuine concern for his lady’s well being.

She looked away, her golden eyes turning to the shower wall.

He placed two fingers from his free hand under her chin and gently coaxed her gaze back over to him, ensuring that they made direct eye contact before either of them spoke again.

“Jesse…I –,” her tiny voice hesitated then stopped.

“Tell me, baby.  What is it?” His words dripped with tender comfort at her suddenly fragile state.

When she still didn’t reply, Jesse stroked the length of one of her wet braids and kissed her lips softly. “Eve, you know you can tell me anything.  If I did something to make you afraid, I want to know.”

Her eyelids lowered and hooded her irises while she spoke.

“Jesse, I’ve never done this before.  I’m…a…I’m a virgin.  I’m so sorry I didn’t say that before we started.”  The words tumbled from her lips apologetically.

His heart strummed at an erratic pace beneath the hard bones in his chest.  Jesse was going to be Eve’s first lover.  He was also going to be Eve’s only lover.  She was far too precious to him for Jesse to ever allow another man the chance of delving into her sweetness.  It was an honor that he wasn’t even sure that he deserved but one he was overwhelmingly happy to claim.

Jesse moved his face so that the edge of his nose slid along the side of Eve’s damp face.  His hand touched her other cheek and her eyes reconnected with him.

“Tighten you arms and legs around me,” he whispered to her and then wrapped his palm under her thigh.

A cloak of steam enshrouded their two naked bodies.  He kissed her chastely at first and then deeply inhaled her flavor into his mouth, savoring every flick of her tongue against his.  When Jesse broke the kiss, Eve waited breathlessly in his arms.  Her hands were bound around the back of his neck and urged his mouth to hers once more.  He went to her willingly but placed his lips to Eve’s small ear.  He whispered his solemn pledge to her from beneath the steady hum from the spray of the water beating down his back.

“I love you, Eve.  I promise that I will always take care of you and that this will be the very last time I ever hurt you.”

Jesse moved his hardened manhood back up to Eve’s slippery and virginous entry.   She shivered again and he kissed the side of her neck to calm her fear.  When she relaxed in his embrace, Jesse bit down on her earlobe and pushed his massively swollen cock into her tight opening, breaking the seal and bonding them together forever.

Eve snatched in a gulp of air as her entire body was lifted up the tiled surface of the shower wall.  She felt her delicate folds and the tissue surrounding her petite hole stretching to their maximum to allow Jesse’s wide cock entrance inside of her body.  His bite on her ear had successfully distracted her attention just enough for the initial twinge of pain to become bearable and pass quickly.  Her palms clung to the rigged muscles running along his upper back and shoulders.  Ever so slowly, with each careful and gentle thrust upward from Jesse’s dick, her tight kitten adjusted to his wide girth.  His throbbing rod sank itself deeper and deeper within her drenched walls until there was a sensuous pinch of pressure when the round head of his tool tapped the opening to her womb.

Eve’s head bobbed in unison with every loving stroke.  She felt the meaty veins that lined his stiff shaft playfully caressing her sticky walls.  Her channel was anxious to smother Jesse’s cock with a generous coating of silky dew.  The lavishing spray of the water trickling over her face and neck, combined with the gentle flutter of Jesse’s kisses being sprinkled in the open valley that lay between her plumped breasts, caused Eve to float away into an ocean of surreal bliss.  Jesse lovemaking was carrying her off to a land of her own personal euphoria.

Jesse’s breath quickened.  First he slid in one full inch of his fat cock, then two more, deeper into her squishy center.  After trying unsuccessfully to hold back his beast through tightly clenched teeth, he couldn’t control his explosive stimulation and was forced to push his thick eight plus inch length up into her hot pink pussy.  His hands reached down and grabbed both of her ass cheeks.   He squeezed and massaged them hard and vigorously in the greedy grip of his palms.  He needed to be so much deeper inside her; the sensation of Eve’s dripping walls clamping down on his dick was causing his pulsing cockhead to ooze out viscous clear precum.   If he didn’t slow his furious strokes, the slight tingling he was feeling would no doubt develop into a full and powerful orgasm.   Without stopping his rapid thrusts, Jesse pulled Eve’s entire curvy body forward, resulting in her pussy being shoved down hard over his huge white cock. She whimpered a little as he settled his stiff rod as far up her hole as her tight and soaked canal would allow.   Her purring sounds made his pumps come more rapidly, with more urgency and desperation.

The friction of his fast fucking made Eve constrict her hold on him.  She wanted to cling to his big and sculpted body forever.  With each of his stiff poundings, her erect clit was being massaged into a tense pulse point that was on the verge of releasing a stream of milky pearls Eve had never before experienced.  As Jesse’s perfect lips continued to feed on her, his sharp nipples pressed into her stomach.

A twitching sensation around Eve’s clit intensified a hundredfold, begging for a chance to burst to life and release the sizzling pressure building there.  Eve’s entire body shook and her tremors amplified with every stroke of Jesse’s wild passion.  Her stomach muscles tightened and clenched which only made Jesse’s savage strokes double in pace, causing her head to spin with delight.  The faster his long dick pumped inside her, the tighter the coil in the middle of her belly became and the more her swollen clitoris pulsed.

It was when the round mushroom of his cock smashed the tip of her womb for the second time that Eve’s world broke apart and came loosed around her.  Bright flashes of blue and white sparks danced around her vision as her creamy fluids spilled down the length of Jesse’s dick.  Her stream of pearl drops slide over his cock and dripped out from the edges of her stretched pussy lips.

At that moment, it was Eve’s turn to feel Jesse shake under her touch.  When her climax erupted and she yanked at his wet and slick short blond hair, Jesse’s entire body shivered.  He clamped his mouth down tight over her left breast while his tongue flicked frantically at the puckered brown nipple trapped between his rosy lips.  He thrust upward feverishly and repeatedly until Eve was sure she would cum all over his hard cock once more.  She felt his enormously heavy dick spreading her walls open further as it fattened out wider.

Her nipple popped from his mouth and Jesse pushed his face into the skin of her breasts.  When he flashed his silvery gaze up at her, she moaned with erotic delight while he continued to pound into her with brutal intensity.

Jesse’s rhythmic veins pulsed and throbbed like tiny drummers beating out an erotic song.  He pulled his long dick completely from within her plump pussy lips and then immediately shoved himself back into her tight hole.  He buried himself inside her flooding channel once…twice…again and again, claiming every inch of her swollen cunt as his own property until finally Jesse froze.  One last forceful shove upward and Eve’s pussy exploded into another fiery orgasm as Jesse released a long hot stream of cum that filled his woman completely from tip to entrance then spilled out and over her quivering cunt lips.  Another burst of his seed shot up inside her and his senses slipped into a satisfied oblivion.

Evie!”  He growled out her name and then collapsed their combined weight back against the white tile of the shower.

As the water continued to shower their two naked bodies, her body went weak in his arms.  After a pause to regain his strength, Jesse eased them away from the wall and took her light weight into his folded arms.  He stepped carefully over the rim of the tub, making sure to keep their bodies tightly joined together.  His semi-hardened cock was reluctant to leave her juicy folds.

When they reached the edge of the queen sized bed, Jesse gently set Eve down on the comforter and positioned himself between her thighs.  His turbulent and alluring gray eyes stared down at her while he kissed her and stroked the side of her lovely face.  It was nearly impossible for Eve to turn her gaze away.  She was in the passionate embrace of the man she loved and felt like the most loved and desired woman in the entire world.  There was no other place where she would ever feel more safe and protected than with Jesse Dawson.  In one passionate encounter, she had become connected to him forever.

Eve drifted off to sleep with the echo of Jesse whispering his words of love and devotion to her.  There was no better way to end a more opulent experience and a more blissful day than in the arms of the man she had adored for so long and who had finally declared his place as her man and her lover.

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