Last night I thought of you..

While my back was pressed into a half-empty bed..surrounded by a dozen half-written love notes..soft and silent pleadings for you to return to me..blistering echoes of you and I together, so very intertwined refused a moment’s peace to a haunted memory..Cherry tongue prying open pouty cranberry-glossed lips..Tips of swollen chocolate kisses suckled to pulsing points..Slick skin sliding beneath probing fingertips..Sweaty muscles of a tense back pushing harder, digging deeper, pumping faster..while spicy cinnamon wrapped tightly round a smoking piston ready to shoot streams of wicked desires into coveted secret places..If I had loved harder, accepted more of your teasing deceit..Would that have convinced you to stay..or was there truly nothing left to say?  A heart this lonely can never be satisfied by a new lover’s taste..Last night I thought of you and licked my lips with desperate hunger..One more night, one more time, fill my mouth with cries of sizzling delight, cover me with shivers of need, drench me with thick splashes of sweet cream…Wash away doubts and make me breathe again, for you only..4/16/12..iamlenise