Iam ♥ Lenise

>>>>Eternal Twilight<<<<<
So…for a long time, I thought I was born into the wrong life.   A black girl growing up in a highly urbanized area who suddenly realized a few startling facts about herself…First off, I have a preference to dark, grudge rock…the hard guitar strums and screaming ballads just seem to call to me more than any other music I’ve ever heard…Second, the oddest of all, I woke up (seriously, I opened my eyes one morning) and knew that I had a sweet tooth for men that were of the lightest shade…WTF? Seriously,  what was I supposed to do with this one particularly inconvenient discovery?  My *real* life just won’t allow me to get tangled into an IR relationship…Well, I did what I supposed most would do in my situation.  I picked up a pen and started writing out every fantasy I had ever had that involved my idea of my knight sweeping me off my feet, thus Lenise Lee is born.  
Unfortunately, she dies a lot in this story.  Real life *me* and writer *me* didn’t always get along…They were constantly battling for domination of my mind and will power…So…after roaming around in an emotional oblivion for quite some time, it suddenly dawned on me what some of the problems were…I swear I didn’t get into writing/publishing to make money…I just wanted to share why vision of love and how beautiful it was to me to see two people from completely contrasting backgrounds fall so deeply in love…
Solution one:  Stop selling this s*** and just send it into the wind…One boulder off my shoulders and then the path became a little less fuzzy…My mind focused a little more clearly then, in the middle of one sleepless night, I had this epiphany…
Solution Two:  This isn’t about the reader (sorry guys/gals, I love you all…truly, I do)…But everything I write is about me…breaking through into my own new dawn…If I don’t feel it, I can’t make it breathe…
Thus, I am ♥ Lenise is reborn…Will I ever catch the elusive handsome shadow who started this long-suffering journey, the one who chases me through my dreamscape…no, probably not…but maybe He and I will meet up in another lifetime…Until then, Stay, read, comment, like or don’t…This can’t be about you…I need to finally stop living for others and take a breath for myself…I love to write…it’s what makes my heart beat one more time…


I ASSume most writers keep a play list spinning in the background, and so do I….Like I said, I’m a rock fan…don’t expect to see too much of anything else on this list…These are just some songs that get my blood pumping and fingers typing…I’ll update it as often as it comes to mind to do so…you know, full-time job, laundry, and all that other annoying stuff might get in the way now and again…
Breathe Today (Flyleaf)
Hit The Floor (Linkin Park)
Sober (Staind)
Dance, Dance (Fallout Boy)*
All I’m Living For (Evanescence)
Closure (Chevelle)
The Only One (Evanescence)
So Cold (Breaking Benjamin)*







To Do List:



Write til my fingers cramp

Write about everything

Every little story that comes to mind

Write til the words live on their own

Write til I can feel my heart beat again

Write til the possibilities don’t scare me anymore

Write til the veil is lifted…

Twilight gone…sun beams break free

Write til I feel the kiss of forever

So sweet…the angels weep

Write til I find what I’m looking for…….

Til I embrace what


What..I will be.

Just Write.


>>>>>>Sweet Side<<<<<<<

A thousand loves to live…one breath…one word…one story at a time


Novice artist and graphic cover designer

Narrator of romance


Dreamer of worlds

Seeker of eternal love in its purest form


Believer in WORD power

Who am I truly?  Just the average girl next door, spinning tales of sweet romances wrapped around sensual moments in time…LL♥


Take a journey with me on a transcendent path through the human heart…My colorful romance…xoxo..LL

After the Sunset

An Angel for Ms. Right


The Christmas Gift

Giovanni, My Love 



Into The Wind

Love Before A Wedding

New Sensations

Simone: Second Chances

Sweet Uncertainty

Notice:  Although content on this blog is for general audiences, All of my ebooks are for ADULTS 18+ YEARS and Older.  

English: Rose മലയാളം: പനിനീര്‍പ്പൂവ്‍

The questions no one ever asks me (so I’ll just tell you..)

Favorite color: Pink

Favorite flower: Rose

Favorite hobby: Falling in love…with life

Favorite musician: Evanescence

Favorite quote: ‘It can’t rain all the time.’

Favorite movie: The Monster Squad  ??

Favorite romance book: ‘The Alpha Promise’ by Hayat Ali

Favorite cartoon: Pucca , Regular Show

Favorite fiction writer: Stephen King

Favorite Song: ‘Tell Me’ by Groove Theory ‘Together Again’ Evanescence

Favorite Song Lyric: ‘I was made to taste your kiss.’ on ‘Letters from the sky‘ by Civil Twilight 

If I missed something..just ask..hearts & kisses to ya!



6 thoughts on “Iam ♥ Lenise

  1. Gissie says:

    Continuing this journey of wanting to know a little bit more about the author I spent the weekend reading her thoughts, I couldn’t not read this post. In Dutch we have a saying ‘een feest der herkenning’ I suppose the correct translation is something along the line of joy of recognition. Hope it’s proper English. It is in any ways the way I felt after reading your tale of growing up as a dark(er?) skinned gal to discover you have a taste for rock and for lighter shaded men. Could have been my story. My music of choice being very heavy metal though.
    But ok, like you said, it’s not about me 🙂 so let it all be about you. We’ll continue reading the stories. Happy writing (in whatever way you chose!)

    • Hello there! Apologies for the delayed response..it’s been a very long week..LOL..Thank you so much for taking the time to read my hidden confession! Most ppl never make it to this page, so I consider it a great and joyous honor that someone actually cared enough to take a glimpse at the writer behind the pages. Yes, ’tis true..my real passion lies within the embrace of IR Romance but therein also lies the conflict with real life..*sigh*..at least it provides me with inspiration to continue my quest to create the perfect romance..Cheers! ~lenise~

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