Imaginary Notes

What is Dear Agony?

Hm..How do I sum up such a dreadful sounding title?  Well..In short, this serialized novella is part one of a new piece of fiction I am trying to compose.  It is my abrupt vision of the dire need of a hero..or pull the populace back into the rays of the saving sun..But every tale of hope has to begin with a cry of sorrow..hence..Dear Agony..Won’t you join me on this new adventure as it unfolds?  (Note:  Please realize everything written is in draft mode…subject to typos and all kinds of editing calamities..I must lay down the tracks before I can build the entire railroad)…Lenise :~)

Imaginary Notes

Iam ♥ Lenise

>>>>Eternal Twilight<<<<<
So…for a long time, I thought I was born into the wrong life.   A black girl growing up in a highly urbanized area who suddenly realized a few startling facts about herself…First off, I have a preference to dark, grudge rock…the hard guitar strums and screaming ballads just seem to call to me more than any other music I’ve ever heard…Second, the oddest of all, I woke up (seriously, I opened my eyes one morning) and knew that I had a sweet tooth for men that were of the lightest shade…WTF? Seriously,  what was I supposed to do with this one particularly inconvenient discovery?  My *real* life just won’t allow me to get tangled into an IR relationship…Well, I did what I supposed most would do in my situation.  I picked up a pen and started writing out every fantasy I had ever had that involved my idea of my knight sweeping me off my feet, thus Lenise Lee is born.  
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Imaginary Notes

To Do List



Write til my fingers cramp

Write about everything

Every little story that comes to mind

Write til the words live on their own

Write til I can feel my heart beat again

Write til the possibilities don’t scare me anymore

Write til the veil is lifted…

Twilight gone…sun beams break free

Write til I feel the kiss of forever

So sweet…the angels weep

Write til I find what I’m looking for…….

Til I embrace what


What..I will be.

Just Write.


Imaginary Notes


Tell me how to forget you. Tell me how to make this longing go away. Tell me how to let go, to force away the memory. I want to breathe a sigh of freedom.  My soul needs reviving air.  How much more must I drown sinking hopes in dreamy words..of others – not strong enough to live my own – until mercy cuts me loose from haunting shadows, neatly buried for all earthly time. Just once. Tell me. Show me. Step away from slippery dreams. Stand forward in reality. No more wandering. Abandoned. Here. Alone.