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By Moonlight 1.4

Tiffany – the Mouse of the house

My name is Tiffany Poole, and this is my story.

The world that I was born into was ruled by chaos and fear; yet, all my mother and father wanted was for their little girl to grow up on a peaceful patch of heaven on earth. Fires burned in distant cities that I was never supposed to see.  Wars raged in countries that were on the other side of a planet that was too big for me to ever explore.  But on our homestead in a rural stretch of what was once the state of Pennsylvania, there was only love and light to guide me.  My parents tried to protect me from all of the evil that was spilling out into every corner of the world.  They tried – and they failed.

My dad, Gabriel Poole, loved his wife and daughter more than he loved his own life. Unfortunately for him, there came a day when he had to honor that oath.  He and Mama went to their graves trying to protect me from scavengers – bands of mercenaries that roamed the lands looking to steal, to kill, and to ravage any decent remains of human society.  When the fight for our home and for our lives was finally over, I had nothing left but ruined memories of love and horrific nightmares of those I had lost so terribly.

From treasured jewel to slave girl, and now, secret warrior for a clan that was supposed to have been killed off decades ago.  But, despite the orders I was sent to carry out, I’m not here to fight the good fight.  I’m here for one purpose only – vengeance.

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Copyright by Lenise Lee 2015



Action, By Moonlight, Paranormal, Suspense / Mystery, Thriller

Closer Than You Know (Sneak Peak)

Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller



He wanted Eve for himself but he would never force her into an encounter that she wasn’t ready for.  Jesse could see the fear hiding behind her eyes.  For as long as he needed to, he would patiently wait to seal their love and bring Eve to an explosive climax that would bond her to him forever.  For now, she needed space and he was in need of a cold shower to hold him over and calm the raging inferno within him.

Jesse closed the bathroom door and reached behind the sheer shower curtain to turn the knobs from chilly to a lukewarm spray.  He pulled the baseball shirt and the sticky undershirt over his head and tossed them to the floor.   Next, he tugged off his dusty pants and everything else he was wearing below the waist and kicked it all to the side.  Afterward, he stepped over to the sink and wiped away the light coating of steam that had formed on the mirror and stared at his sullen reflection in the mirror.

Eve was his special lady and the only woman that he craved.  No other female had ever succeeded in tying up all his confidence into tight knots.  She deserved far more from him than a hasty declaration of his love and simple golden trinket. If he were half the man he pretended to be, Jesse would have told Eve about his feelings months ago.  If so, perhaps this moment wouldn’t have such a heart wrenching ending.

If such a notion as love at first sight existed, then it had undeniably happened for Jesse Bower from the instant he saw Eve Thompson’s lovely face floating through the throngs of students.  Eve’s exotic features and toffee tinted skin had enraptured him in only a handful of seconds.  Her perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, wit, and compassion made her the only woman locked in Jesse’s sights since that one magical moment in time.  How could he have expected her to fall so hard for him in return time?

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Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller




“Stay with me tonight.”

Jesse leaned back against the car’s passenger side door and held both of her soft hands in his broad palms while she looked at him with her golden brown eyes.  Could any other woman ever be so breathtakingly beautiful to him?  Who else held such power to have his heart hanging so far out on his sleeve like this?  He was Eve’s for the taking, all she had to do was say the word and his racing tires would tear up concrete and asphalt for a chance to lay between her luscious mocha thighs.

After Jesse presented his request to her, he never once dropped the intensity of his fiery gaze.  He wanted Eve to realize the sincerity of his petition.   He watched as Eve’s expression morphed from startled to curious and finally became a bit lusty.

“Jesse…are you sure this is what you want?”

Her sensually soft voice roused a low growl beneath the center of his hard and tensed abs.  Her words flowed out in a timid manner but he could sense that there was a spark of naughtiness lurking just behind her dark and curled eyelashes.

“Eve, this is exactly what I want and what I’ve been hungry for.  All you have to do is say yes to me…say yes to us, Evie, and I’ll take care of all the rest.  I promise you.”

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Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller



“I love your hair.”  The first words Jesse ever spoken to Eve Thompson had caused the warm spot centered between her light sienna thighs to tingle with anticipation of his next syllable.

Although it was over a year ago, she remembered the instant the man with the cropped honey blond hair and muscular arms that bulged from beneath a sleeveless white tee moved through the lecture hall doors and closed in on her like a circling hunter that had spotted its next prey.  Jesse Dawson.  The moment he stepped into the half empty classroom, she had been immediately intimidated by the piercing and ethereal color of his haunting gray eyes.  Jesse had spotted Eve and pinned her to her seat with one glance and she had become helpless to do anything but follow his every step from door to chair, completely transfixed by the regal angles of his intoxicatingly handsome face.

His gaze had never wavered from hers as he folded his soaring height and athletic body into the seat beside her.  When Jesse had looped one long and thick index finger around the curled ends of several of Eve’s thin cocoa brown micro-braids and uttered that first sentence, she belonged to him mind and body from that moment forth.  Even if he had no clue of the magnetic hold he possessed over her, there would never be another man who could ever enrapture Eve in this way.  Jesse’s bold charisma was genuine and one enchanting glance was all that was needed to seduce Eve’s heart.

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After The Sunset, Contemporary, Suspense / Mystery, Thriller

After The Sunset


Nichole caught the obvious hint.  Eric was not about to leave her side any time soon, even if she dared protest his intentions.

Him being here, moving closer and closer toward the privacy of her home was a mistake, plain and simple.  Inviting him up to her apartment had started them down an irreversible course of events she feared to tread.  Everything about Eric – his mannerisms, his confidence, his overt physical appeal and, most especially, his hot tongue tickling her own – were dangerous to the nth degree.  Eric Raven was the makings of an infatuation Nichole preferred to steer clear of at all costs, if possible.  The problem was, he was adamant about making sure she arrived home and then back to the office safely under his guard.  This would leave too much time alone in his company.  Within an office setting, she would be able to control her urges to intertwine herself in his arms.  Here, behind closed private doors, Nichole feared she would not be able to demonstrate such willpower.

It had taken some time to build up, but now Nichole was starting to see what it was about this man that had all the ladies in the police force and court offices so stirred up.  He was a man driven, and he could drive you – probably very hard – if given the chance.  Eric was assertive and handsome; he was one of the sexiest alpha males Nichole had ever encountered.  These qualities were beginning to work their way into Nichole’s innermost thoughts.

Despite the fact that he was a born leader, he also had this understated gentleness about him.  Nichole was sure this was an attribute many other women had tried to coax out of him, yet had failed.  Women had a way of wanting to try to tame the toughest tigers.  She wondered how long it would be until she was counted among the dozens who would be trying to rope in this reluctant stallion.  Then, a new thought crossed her mind. This sudden sentiment toward her, this hidden piece of his personality, it was almost as though Eric wanted only her to partake of this side of him.

Holding to his earlier promise, Eric never touched her again even as they moved up the tightened space of the staircase leading to her second floor apartment, but he was on her heels the entire time.  Eric was so close; Nichole felt the hot wind from his breath down the back of her neck. How he had managed to keep from falling over her or from tripping her steps up during the short walk, she could not guess and honestly did not care.  He was like a human barricade behind her, and Nichole loved every moment.  Some of her male neighbors, whom she was on a speaking basis with, offered her slight nods as they passed the couple on the stairs and in the hallway, yet none were brave enough to offer the flirty hello’s that she was use to.  Nichole could only imagine the intimidating glare that Eric was giving to keep the usually overly friendly males at bay.

“Don’t you have any female neighbors?” he asked in a gruff voice from behind her.

“Why? Are you looking for a date?”  She tossed the comment back over her shoulder.

“It looks like I might have a lot of competition for your affection.  I counted no less than five guys who looked as though they would be trying to wrestle you to the floor if I weren’t here.  I can only imagine what has been happening before I showed up.”

Nichole smirked as she stopped in front of her apartment door.


His lips slipped over the sensitive spot on the tip of her upper ear.

“Maybe,” he whispered.

She had to add extra focus while rummaging through her bag to locate her house key.  The simple task was further complicated by Eric digging his solid fingers into her hips while she tried to do so.  His breath was heavy on her neck and she was sure she had felt his mouth lightly touch the side of her throat.  She was near lightheadedness as her eyes closed from the sensation.

“If you don’t stop, I won’t be able to make it through the door.”

“Then, I guess I will have to claim you right out here for all of your admirers to see that you’re already taken.”

A moan slipped from her lips.

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Action, Dear Agony, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Thriller

Dear Agony

PART I – Darkness

The near future…


“The queen is missing.”

Whispers from a fading dream ripped through her body, startling her from a restless sleep.  Sitting up in the middle of the stuffed cot, she used the back of her hand to swipe away a heavy layer of sweat and oil from her brow.  She looked down and saw that her hands were shaking.  Her breath was ragged and she could barely breath.  Her chest was heaving high with deep sobs that refused to release from her lungs.  Silent screams were the worst.  The burning behind her breasts was nearly unbearable, like the flare from a blowtorch was crisping her skin to shriveled shreds.  When she realized what was causing the pain, she immediately recoiled.  Her thin legs lifted from the edge of her shabby mat and yanked them back so that she could hug them to her chest and pin herself at the head of the bed.

With her back against the cool plaster of the wall behind the bed, her eyes watched the cause of her mania.  The last beams of daylight were slipped through the thin slit used for ventilation and slid across the tiny single room quarters.  Even the muted illumination of the pale orange was strong enough to cause a gnawing pain behind her eyes, forcing her to coward deeper into the darkness of the corner she was now trapped in.  She shut her eyelids tight and buried her head between her knees, seeking desperate relief from the glow spilling into the assigned room of the apartment building.  There was at least another full hour of torment to endure before the last drops of late twilight disappeared from the sky then sweet relief would finally come.

This was not the same world she had been born into.  Somewhere along the way, everything had flipped.  Night was day, and day was taboo – forbidden, dreaded, to be avoided at all costs…even lethal, like now.  After so many years of hiding in the shadows, even the darkest skin was white as smoked ash and the palest skin was nearly transparent.  A society of vampires?  Hardly.  A pack of ravenous heathens condemned to dwell in darkness?  Very possibly that is what they had all become.

For the next hour, while the last embers of sunlight slid into a merciful twilight, she fought off panic and tried to ignore wispy strips of pain ebbing across her skin.  The moment purple overtook gold in the eternal struggle for dominance of the sky, the first howls pierced the air.  Strangled high-pitch screeches fill the early night.  Time to move.  And move fast.

After a quick birdbath from a small basin of chilly water stashed in the opposite corner of the room, she pulled on her work uniform – a tattered black halter top, battered mini skirt, tall leather spike-heeled boots, and elbow-high leather gloves with the finger coverings removed – and made a dash for the dive hall she called home seven nights a week.

Rule number one:  Never let your guard down.

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