Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller



“I love your hair.”  The first words Jesse ever spoken to Eve Thompson had caused the warm spot centered between her light sienna thighs to tingle with anticipation of his next syllable.

Although it was over a year ago, she remembered the instant the man with the cropped honey blond hair and muscular arms that bulged from beneath a sleeveless white tee moved through the lecture hall doors and closed in on her like a circling hunter that had spotted its next prey.  Jesse Dawson.  The moment he stepped into the half empty classroom, she had been immediately intimidated by the piercing and ethereal color of his haunting gray eyes.  Jesse had spotted Eve and pinned her to her seat with one glance and she had become helpless to do anything but follow his every step from door to chair, completely transfixed by the regal angles of his intoxicatingly handsome face.

His gaze had never wavered from hers as he folded his soaring height and athletic body into the seat beside her.  When Jesse had looped one long and thick index finger around the curled ends of several of Eve’s thin cocoa brown micro-braids and uttered that first sentence, she belonged to him mind and body from that moment forth.  Even if he had no clue of the magnetic hold he possessed over her, there would never be another man who could ever enrapture Eve in this way.  Jesse’s bold charisma was genuine and one enchanting glance was all that was needed to seduce Eve’s heart.

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