New Sensations, Sensual

Who is Janay?

This title was supposed to be a quickie…but a few pages into drafting and I knew that this story wanted to blossom into sooo much more….57,481 words more!…So, who is Janay anyway?….I suppose in a way..kinda’ sorta’ but not really..she’s me.  Or, should I say, the me I wanted to be when I was scribbling this into e-ink.  Guys from the Midwest are sexy! Love those accents!

*smirks mischievously* 

Janay is a woman who is about to find out that sometimes taking a chance and side-stepping outside of the “norm” may be just what’s needed to help her to really start to LIVE life and not merely observe it from the perspective of others…

Hope you enjoy Janay and Jackson’s (somewhat erotic) love story…I did *winks*

New Sensations by Lenise Lee

Interracial romance between native girl and white man

New Release, New Sensations

New Sensations – Re-Released

SimoneSecondChancesCoverMiniGet hot and heavy in the Midwest all over again.

When a business trip sends quiet Janay Parker flying to the other side of the country, a chance meeting in a local hangout puts her in the sights of handsome and bold Jackson Bryant. Once the two lock eyes, their combined passion spins Janay to new heights of intimacy she never dared to dream of.

Now, a scorned friend and an estranged mother are all that stand in her way of true happiness. Can Janay find the strength within herself to turn the tables and embrace what was always meant to hers…love from an adoring man and a renewed spark to taste life…?


I closed my eyes and sank my fingers through his loose curls, still tucked around the ears, and pulled Jackson in for a deep and combustible kiss.  My tongue wiggled against his as he willingly accepted my affection and timed his thrusts into my mouth to sync with mine.  I breathed his scent deep into my nostrils and allowed the spicy aroma to fill my lungs.

“I want to be with you, Jackson…only you.  You’re everything that I’ve ever wanted.  Don’t let go of me,” I pleaded while our lips dangled together.

“I won’t, baby, as long as I walk this earth, I promise we’ll be together.”

Our foreheads pressed and our hands melded.  I finally felt at peace, set free from the noise of the world I had managed to escape from.  I felt a strange tingling and then saw an image of my dad’s smiling face flash across my vision.  I knew that he and Jackson would have gotten along just fine.

“Stay with me tonight, Janay.  Come home with me and stay in my bed.”

“Yes,” the only answered that I ever wanted to give to Jackson from this day forth…

New Sensations by Lenise Lee

Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller



He wanted Eve for himself but he would never force her into an encounter that she wasn’t ready for.  Jesse could see the fear hiding behind her eyes.  For as long as he needed to, he would patiently wait to seal their love and bring Eve to an explosive climax that would bond her to him forever.  For now, she needed space and he was in need of a cold shower to hold him over and calm the raging inferno within him.

Jesse closed the bathroom door and reached behind the sheer shower curtain to turn the knobs from chilly to a lukewarm spray.  He pulled the baseball shirt and the sticky undershirt over his head and tossed them to the floor.   Next, he tugged off his dusty pants and everything else he was wearing below the waist and kicked it all to the side.  Afterward, he stepped over to the sink and wiped away the light coating of steam that had formed on the mirror and stared at his sullen reflection in the mirror.

Eve was his special lady and the only woman that he craved.  No other female had ever succeeded in tying up all his confidence into tight knots.  She deserved far more from him than a hasty declaration of his love and simple golden trinket. If he were half the man he pretended to be, Jesse would have told Eve about his feelings months ago.  If so, perhaps this moment wouldn’t have such a heart wrenching ending.

If such a notion as love at first sight existed, then it had undeniably happened for Jesse Bower from the instant he saw Eve Thompson’s lovely face floating through the throngs of students.  Eve’s exotic features and toffee tinted skin had enraptured him in only a handful of seconds.  Her perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, wit, and compassion made her the only woman locked in Jesse’s sights since that one magical moment in time.  How could he have expected her to fall so hard for him in return time?

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Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller




“Stay with me tonight.”

Jesse leaned back against the car’s passenger side door and held both of her soft hands in his broad palms while she looked at him with her golden brown eyes.  Could any other woman ever be so breathtakingly beautiful to him?  Who else held such power to have his heart hanging so far out on his sleeve like this?  He was Eve’s for the taking, all she had to do was say the word and his racing tires would tear up concrete and asphalt for a chance to lay between her luscious mocha thighs.

After Jesse presented his request to her, he never once dropped the intensity of his fiery gaze.  He wanted Eve to realize the sincerity of his petition.   He watched as Eve’s expression morphed from startled to curious and finally became a bit lusty.

“Jesse…are you sure this is what you want?”

Her sensually soft voice roused a low growl beneath the center of his hard and tensed abs.  Her words flowed out in a timid manner but he could sense that there was a spark of naughtiness lurking just behind her dark and curled eyelashes.

“Eve, this is exactly what I want and what I’ve been hungry for.  All you have to do is say yes to me…say yes to us, Evie, and I’ll take care of all the rest.  I promise you.”

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Contemporary, YA / NA

The Bond

A Short and Simple YA Romance



Twenty-five years was a very long time to know someone.  An even longer time to be in love with that same person.

These were Jake’s thoughts as he continued dressing in his navy blue suit.  After he pulled on the pressed pants and buttoned the collared shirt, he moved toward the standing mirror at the back of the large bedroom.  He stood there for a quiet moment, studying himself from head to toe.  Instead of the tall and broad image standing before him, he was a five-year-old kid again.   Heavenly fate had stepped in and changed the course of his young life forever.  As waves of joyous, and sometimes painful, memories swept over him, Jake began to realize, now more than ever, he would never want to erase one single moment of that wonderful adventure.  While he folded his tie, two deep dimples creased his cheeks and his mind wandered back to that very first day.

The Bond: Chapter One by Lenise Lee

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An Angel For Ms. Right, Contemporary

An Angel For Ms. Right


Adam knew the minute all four of his roommates had returned to the dorm room in the early evening smelling of alcohol there was no way he was going to be able to get any reading done.  Though he had attempted to do just that, after thirty minutes of furniture movement and loud yelps from the common living area of the suite, he gave up the cause as hopeless and wandered outside to find another place to work.

He had tried to understand the material but was still having a tough time getting through.  The midterms were only two weeks away and he needed to pass that exam with no less than a B+ to keep up his average.  Lifting the canvas bag higher on his broad shoulder, he glanced at his wristwatch and concluded the library was either closed or in the process of escorting the last remaining visitors toward the doors.  As he crossed the quad, he remembered there was a café around the corner from the west entrance of the campus.  Adam was almost positive there was free Wi-Fi there.  He would need to look up certain topics online as he read them in the law textbook so as to keep a concrete understanding of the material.

For the last week, other than trying to get ready for exams, he was completely consumed with thoughts of Denise.  After the fool he had made of himself, he could not bring himself to face her again.  He made sure to avoid her as much as possible, which did not seem difficult since he was sure she was not looking for him.  He had been rude to leave her at the table but could think of no other way of talking his way out of an embarrassing admission.  He was ashamed for not having access to the privileges he was sure were available to Denise.  The thought of how she would never want a relationship with someone like him, who had nothing to offer her, was already embedded at the back of his mind.

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