love and lust #2

dig your nails into my hot skin, make me hurt for a taste of your sensual touch…embed a need so deep between my shaking thighs that i’ll crave you with every breath i take from this day forth..why would i ever want to leave when every hard thrust pushes me toward orgasmic oblivion..silky pearl drops escape my slippery lips..one more lie, one more time..you say you’ll be back and..like a true fool, i eagerly wait..4/10/12..iamlenise

Action, Futuristic / Apocalyptic, Impulse, Thriller



He wanted Eve for himself but he would never force her into an encounter that she wasn’t ready for.  Jesse could see the fear hiding behind her eyes.  For as long as he needed to, he would patiently wait to seal their love and bring Eve to an explosive climax that would bond her to him forever.  For now, she needed space and he was in need of a cold shower to hold him over and calm the raging inferno within him.

Jesse closed the bathroom door and reached behind the sheer shower curtain to turn the knobs from chilly to a lukewarm spray.  He pulled the baseball shirt and the sticky undershirt over his head and tossed them to the floor.   Next, he tugged off his dusty pants and everything else he was wearing below the waist and kicked it all to the side.  Afterward, he stepped over to the sink and wiped away the light coating of steam that had formed on the mirror and stared at his sullen reflection in the mirror.

Eve was his special lady and the only woman that he craved.  No other female had ever succeeded in tying up all his confidence into tight knots.  She deserved far more from him than a hasty declaration of his love and simple golden trinket. If he were half the man he pretended to be, Jesse would have told Eve about his feelings months ago.  If so, perhaps this moment wouldn’t have such a heart wrenching ending.

If such a notion as love at first sight existed, then it had undeniably happened for Jesse Bower from the instant he saw Eve Thompson’s lovely face floating through the throngs of students.  Eve’s exotic features and toffee tinted skin had enraptured him in only a handful of seconds.  Her perfect combination of beauty, intelligence, wit, and compassion made her the only woman locked in Jesse’s sights since that one magical moment in time.  How could he have expected her to fall so hard for him in return time?

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Contemporary, YA / NA

The Bond

A Short and Simple YA Romance



Twenty-five years was a very long time to know someone.  An even longer time to be in love with that same person.

These were Jake’s thoughts as he continued dressing in his navy blue suit.  After he pulled on the pressed pants and buttoned the collared shirt, he moved toward the standing mirror at the back of the large bedroom.  He stood there for a quiet moment, studying himself from head to toe.  Instead of the tall and broad image standing before him, he was a five-year-old kid again.   Heavenly fate had stepped in and changed the course of his young life forever.  As waves of joyous, and sometimes painful, memories swept over him, Jake began to realize, now more than ever, he would never want to erase one single moment of that wonderful adventure.  While he folded his tie, two deep dimples creased his cheeks and his mind wandered back to that very first day.

The Bond: Chapter One by Lenise Lee

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